We strive to help every bride look perfect. Our acclaimed professional consultants will treat your wedding as ours and offer you a unique wedding style that suits you the best. Come and enjoy the personal, relaxing and inspirational experience offered at RINGS.

RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Zita

“If you are an indecisive bride like me, Rings Bridal is definitely your best choice!!! I had been struggling to find “the dress” at the beginning of my wedding gown hunt. I kept tossing my mind between different styles and would love to try all of them!! Luckily, I have met Rings, she patiently guided me through every silhouette and helped me find the perfect dress for my wedding day. Her professional advises and kind attitude is what I appreciate the most. Thank you so much for introducing “the dress” that made me shines.  All the best to you and Rings Bridal!! Will keep recommending you to all my friends Million thanks” ~ Zita

Bridal Gown from RINGS BRIDALS

Photo took by JAN WONG (Provided by the bride Zita)

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RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Jackie

“Rings, 感謝你令身成為最美麗的新娘、感謝你幫了我很多的忙。決定結婚時,已經決定在Rings Bridals揀婚紗。由我第一天次著婚紗,到Pre-Wedding,甚至到這一天結婚的大日子,你是我唯一的選擇,試過你的靚靚婚紗,其他的我都看不上眼XP。




最幸福的Rings Bridals新娘” ~ Jackie

Bridal Gown from RINGS BRIDALS

Photo by Lewis Lau

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RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Catherine

When I first came up to the shop,I’ve been fascinated by the wedding gown.The details are what I’m looking for. Also, other dresses are beautiful. I loved them all.” ~ Catherine

Bridal Gowns from RINGS BRIDALS

Photo provided by the Bride Catherine Lee

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RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Jassy

“Thanks Rings for her help in choosing my wedding gown for reception at the banquet! The gown matched perfectly well on me.  Rings were so helpful and professional and the accessories provided were so beautiful as well!” ~ Jassy

Bridal Gown from RINGS BRIDALS

Photo provided by the Bride Jassy

Jassy Tam

RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Karen Lai

“對我而言,pre-wedding好像是婚姻的序,挑選出一件屬於自己感覺的wedding gown,與我的Mr. Right拍下一張張照片,為人生只有一次的pre-wedding留下難忘的回憶! 謝謝Rings & Rings Bridal讓我穿出屬於我的感覺!” ~ Karen

Bridal Gown from RINGS BRIDALS

Photo by Ivan Wong

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RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Hermis

“I remember when I first came up to the shop,I’ve been fascinated by your wedding gown.Yup, no doubt, the details is exactly what i am looking for, nothing can be replace.
Rings, your recommendation is great, the gowns are just perfect.Thank you so much for your professional advice and paitient.” ~ Hermis

Bridal Gowns from RINGS BRIDALS

Photo by Charles Cheung

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RINGS BRIDE Testimonial from Tracy

“Hi Rings, nice to hear from you! Thank you very much for provided high quality service for us! Highly appreciate!” ~ Tracy


PHOTO by Johnathan Lee Fine Art Photography

Photographer link: http://www.johnathanlee.com.hk/blog/2016/2/2/tracy-ben-pre-wedding-hong-kong

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RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Carman

“Dear Rings, I am definitely sure that this is the best and right choice for me to pick up Rings Bridals. Thanks for my friend Stephanie to recommend Rings to me. Their super wedding gowns and night dresses are the best and fit my style. Their services are excellent too. Highly recommend to my girl friends” ~ Love Carman


PHOTO provided by the Bride Carman Lui

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RINGS BRIDE Testimonial – Jadie

“感謝Rings的幫忙,為我選了最合適的婚紗!訂婚之後,我第一時間便是到Rings選婚紗了,從來沒想過要看看別的店!Rings十分專業,穿得好看的她會讚美你,你carry不到的她也會如實地說,令整個過程愉快又順利。之前我和Rings一心尋找有lace的一字膊款式,她也特意為我試造了一件lace jacket。誰知穿起來後,有lace顯得太隆重,也不適合我的草地婚禮。原來簡單清雅的款式與我更合襯 :)。而且Rings很細心,知道我婚禮前幾天會搬屋,特意提醒我要穿長袖衣服,以防刮傷了要露出的肌膚便不漂亮了!Rings,謝謝你的眼光和耐心,讓每個女孩子在婚禮當天都美麗自信地出嫁!:)” ~ Jadie


Photo provided by the Bride Jadie

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RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Patricia

“Thanks Rings Bridal for the ‘Make R Wish’ program! It helps me find my gorgeous wedding gown which fits me so much. Thank you so much for the professional advice and useful tips provided. Please keep up the good work and I wish Rings Bridal every success in the future~!” ~ Patricia


BigDay Photo by Thomas Ng from POEM

Pre-Wedding Photo by Herz Photography

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