We strive to help every bride look perfect. Our acclaimed professional consultants will treat your wedding as ours and offer you a unique wedding style that suits you the best. Come and enjoy the personal, relaxing and inspirational experience offered at RINGS.

RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Crystal

“Dear Rings,

A million thanks for all that you did!!!

My experience at your shop was truly amazing and enjoyable. From choosing the perfect gown to dress fitting, I couldn’t have been more pleased. I really appreciated your friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism throughout the whole process.

Rings, it was lovely to have met you and I was very happy you were a part of our special day!!! I am absolutely in love with my dress. Putting it on, on the day was an incredible feeling and I felt so special. My guests couldn’t stop saying how gorgeous I looked and how perfect it was for me.

Thank you for giving me the most beautiful wedding dress in the world :)

Your passion for what you do is truly appreciated :)

Lots of love,



Photo by Friendsphotog

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RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Queenie

Choosing Rings was one of the best choices I made for my wedding. All her dresses were beautiful and elegant, but what impressed me the most was her wonderful service and professionalism. Rings listened to and understood what I wanted, and she was able to find my “The One” dress for me. I went to many many stores in Hong Kong, and only she gave me the feeling that she really cared and wanted me to be the most beautiful bride. I am really jealous of the new brides because all her new dresses are so gorgeous!” ~ Queenie

Gown from RINGS BRIDALS and photo provided by bride Queenie Wong


RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Azure

I must apologize for not sending this testimonial immediately after my wedding, but it’ s never too late to say “Thank you!”. I want to say a huge thanks to Rings. Thanks for making me so special on my very special day. When I walked down the aisle, I’ ve never felt so beautiful than I did. Every single guest commented on how divine my gown was. I still have people commenting and asking when they see my photos, how they have never seen such a gorgeous gown. Everything was PERFECT! Also, my experience at your store was truly amazing. I never, in a million years, thought I would meet “The One” on my first visit. It was everything I dreamed of and more. I can’ t thank you enough. With Love, Azure”

Photo by Jan from GalleryC

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RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Ika

“A big thank you Rings for your excellent service with genuine passion!! From guiding through gorgeous gown selection, all the fittings, choosing matching accessories, advices and tips, all done with patience yet accurate and very precise. Rest assured that there’s no hustle with the gown, I could give more attention to the other minor things, which resulting: a perfect wedding day with perfect details in perfect wedding gown!! ❤❤❤

For that, I give perfect score on your gown collections and service

Absolutely recommend for the brides who wants perfection without drama ” ~ Ika

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Testimonial from Dora

“Hello hello Rings!! Thanks so much for your help through out the wedding! Without your professional advises I wouldn’t able to choose the dress that fit me so much! Everyone said I look so beautiful that day! Furthermore, I am glad that I choose Rings bridal. You and your staffs are caring, not only to me but also to my family! Wish you all the best !!” ~ Dora

Photo by Kobi from K & S production


RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Angela

“Thank you so much for your excellent service and high quality gown. It brightens my big day. 

May I take this chance to share with you some photos of the day. I would highly recommend RINGS BRIDAL to my friends! 



多謝RINGS的認真和專業,給了我客觀的分析,加上你們精心挑選的頭紗和飾物,讓我成為美美的新娘子。” ~ Angela


RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Dora

“在愛情路上,不是一帆風順,當遇上他時,時間經歷讓我相信他是”‘The One” 。願意與他訂下這婚盟,踏上婚姻之路。

在預備婚礼過程中,我感恩遇到很多小天使,包括Rings Bridals 。不像愛情路,Rings Bridals 是我第一間也是唯一一間試婚紗的地方,只要說出我想要的Style及她們專業貼心的眼光,第一件試的已經是”The One”。多謝這份细緻專業的服務。” ~ Dora

MakeUp and HairStyling by Fion Lai

photo by Lawrence Chung

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香港女孩子都是偏瘦, 所以店內的sample也大部份是有點細件……(說實話, RINGS很多都穿不上, hehe).  有試過很多次, 有一些大size一點的新娘, 上來找婚紗晚裝, 連試穿上亦不成, 很失望很無助.  RINGS也感到很內疚, 實在是我不對, 未有照顧到這些客人的需要, 當時, 只有送客人出門口, 然後說句不好意思.  對方, 好像已習慣似的, 回一句, 沒有辦法, 我再去找找吧~  這樣的事情一直發生, 我心裡很不好受.

時間過去, 店的實力提升了, 所以, 是時候做多一點.  所以決心訂了一批SIZE大一點(HIP42”)的婚紗禮服, 會陸續到店, 希望豐滿一點的客人, 也可以穿靚靚的Designer Gowns~ 所以各位不用怕, 來試試我很歡迎, 起碼可以享受當中的樂趣. :D

分享愛, 無分彼此.


RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Katherine

” Most of us married couples can recall a couple of headaches, hard decisions and problems that comes with wedding preparation . Making yourself beautiful and knowing you will be in the right dress does not have to be one of them!

Thank you Rings Bridal for giving us your heartful services on the most important day in life .You have truly provided us a peace of mind!” ~ Katherine

Photo by Yoshi Hon @ More production

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