We strive to help every bride look perfect. Our acclaimed professional consultants will treat your wedding as ours and offer you a unique wedding style that suits you the best. Come and enjoy the personal, relaxing and inspirational experience offered at RINGS.


我很喜歡post客人婚禮過後Share給我們的照片, 一來是新娘子們對我們工作的肯定, 二來也可以讓準新娘子們有個概念, 不是Model也可以穿婚紗穿得很美很美~

有很多時客人或行家都問RINGS, 你的客人為什麼都咁靚女? 你是否選過才Post~ 答案當然不會啦!  只要新娘子願意Share, 我們全都會post (但由於大家的支持, 說實話還有幾十位新娘子的照片還未有post, 會不斷推出啊~ 排隊中~~).

我個人覺得, 選了適合自己身形氣質的婚紗晚裝, 已經會很美, 但好的化妝髮型師亦是關鍵. 可幸我們的新娘子, 都找到很好的Styling~

其中JustGracy我是十分欣賞的.  說實話就是怕很多很多的造型, 簡單, 自然, 但有光彩, 這是我所要求的, Gracy每一次都能做到.

所以才有這次破天荒的合作, 兩個互相欣賞的人, 完美主義者, 做我倆的客人, 其實想唔靚爆都幾難~

多謝大家支持, Gracy話仲有少少位, 有興趣的, 想艷光四射的, 問問Gracy日子吧~


LIMITED OFFER HK$16,800 (10 quotas only)

Services include

Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling service by Gracy (worth $10800)

Consecutive 7.5 (or 1.5+6) hours, AM + banquet plan


Gowns rental services by Rings Bridals (worth $12800)

3-day-2-night gowns rental service

International designer gown

Including 1 wedding gown and 1 evening gown



email: Styling@JustGracy.com

whatsapp (Gracy) : +852 8106 2062

whatsapp (Rings)  : +852 6054 6962

Testimonial from Kristy

“The music of Canon in D is up and the scene that most brides long for​​​… wearing ​like a princess with ​the most fascinating wedding gown in a march-in welcomed by crowds in their own wedding​. I am no exception to this. Choosing the perfect wedding gown is the most ​desirable thing I​​ reckon for my wedding.


Rings Bridal​s​ is the first and after all, the final bridal gown boutiques ​in my gown hunting tour from where I chose my “The One” I have been long looking for.


I believe bride-to-bes who visit Rings Bridal would share the ​same ​view that Rings Brida​​l​s​ is ​undoubtedly outstanding and prominent in the industry, not only because of their high quality wedding gowns, but also the conscientious manner in which Rings Bridals take great care of their gowns. That is of the ulmost importance as I rented my gown​s​ 18 months prior to my wedding day and I feel comfortable that ​they would be maintained in ​​​status quo before my eyes a year later.


I ​appreciate Rings’s attention to detail, her thought​ful advice on choosing wedding and evening gowns, plus her heads-up on subtle particulars in my wedding. I wish ​​Rings Bridal​s​ every success in the future!” ~ Kristy

Photo by Billy GalleryC

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Rings Bridals × JustGracy Styling Wedding Day Special Offer

LIMITED OFFER HK$16,800 (10 quotas only)

Services include

Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling service by Gracy (worth $10800)

Consecutive 7.5 (or 1.5+6) hours, AM + banquet plan


Gowns rental services by Rings Bridals (worth $12800)

3-day-2-night gowns rental service

International designer gown

Including 1 wedding gown and 1 evening gown

Including 1 veil and 1 set of Jewelry free rental


No hidden charge!


20 July – 20 August 2015



email: Styling@JustGracy.com

whatsapp (Gracy) : +852 81 062 062

whatsapp (Rings)   : +852 6054 6962


Optional services

Upgrade to 15 hours, Full Day plan, +$4000

Upgrade to 16 hours, Premium plan, +$10,000 

Extra wedding gown/evening gown, 20% OFF 


See our works:

Rings Bridal:  http://www.ringsbridals.com

JustGracy: http://www.justgracy.com/styling  


What did our clients say:

Rings Bridal:  http://tinyurl.com/oj2wn5o

JustGracy: http://tinyurl.com/nuh3klf


Public price:

JustGracy: http://tinyurl.com/o56lxbu 





Testimonial from Flora

“I had my dream dress in mind before I visited Rings but I convinced myself that I don’t have the body type to wear it. After talking to Rings and showing her the dress; she patiently explained that an A-line dress would suit me. To top it off! I could custom order the style I wanted from the ‘Make R Wish’ program. When the dress finally came, I was totally blown away — it was absolutely gorgeous.

Throughout the whole gown shopping and fitting process, Rings provided me with professional and genuine advice. One of the most touching moments occurred 2 days before my wedding. I was so bloated from stress and lack of sleep that my dress didn’t fit. Rings comforted me and said she would fix it no matter what and I would definitely walk down the aisle in my dream dress.

No words can adequately express my gratitude. Thanks for helping me feel confident and gorgeous on my big day! I will not hesitate recommending Rings Bridal to any of my bride-to-be friends” ~ Flora

Photo by Henry So @ hsogallery

Decoration by Simply Grand

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Testimonial from Luzia

“Dear Rings, Thanks a lot for picking the pretty gown for me and gave me lots of advices =)   All the Best Wishes!!!” ~ Luzia

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Testimonial from Sharon

“Rings & Charlie,

Really thanks a lot for your help & professional ideas on choosing the gown…..Rings Bridal is the first & ONLY  shop I went and immediately I knew I could choose my dream gown there

Thanks a lot again!” ~ Sharon

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Testimonial from Niko

“第一次上RINGS,已經覺得好舒服,亦系Rings的用心介紹,令到我好快就揾到適合自己的款式,又不斷教我big day當日要如何穿著婚紗先靚,多謝你們令到我變成了一位漂亮的新娘子,令到我們的婚禮順利進行!” ~ Niko

Photo by Billy GalleryC

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Testimonial from Clara

“最近兩年有好多朋友結婚,加上工作關係接觸過唔少婚紗店,到我自己的婚禮,沒考慮其他婚紗店已經決定了在Rings 租婚紗^^ 主要係兩個原因:喜歡Rings 婚紗晚禮服的質料和款式,以及令人興奮的Make R Wish 計劃! 還記得選訂婚紗那天,我告訴Rings 的職員我喜歡的款式風格,然後她們跟據我的喜好及身型給予專業意見,例如什麼剪綵和物料比較適合我的身型和氣質!很多朋友都想在婚禮選最漂亮的婚紗, Rings 與別不同的地方就是,她們會幫你選擇最適合你的,令你變得最漂亮>///< 最後選訂了一件(對我來說)完美的婚紗^^ 幾個月後穿上婚紗的一刻,真的有it make my wedding day perfect的感覺!” ~ Clara

IMG-20150213-WA0000 IMG-20150213-WA0001

Testimonial from Yvonne

“Thank you RINGS for the beautiful wedding gown for our pre-wedding trip in Prague!  The quality of the gown was great and it looked grand and beautiful in pictures.  Service provided are good as well.” ~ Yvonne

Photo by Lewis Lau

IMG-20150102-WA0000 IMG-20150102-WA0001 IMG-20150102-WA0002

Testimonial from Kennie

“picked up a nice wedding gown at Rings Bridals for my pre-wedding photos, very good service.” ~ Kennie

Photo by GalleryC Billy