Month: May 2014

Testimonial from Sing

Dear Rings, I really love my gown so much and it makes my day perfect. All your gowns are so beautiful and it makes me difficult to choose my one. Thanks Rings for your patience and sincere advice! It does help me a lot. I’m really impressed by your consideration on every little part of the wedding for your brides.… Read more →

Testimonial from Abby

“記得Rings說過,新娘子一定要好好享受進場的時刻,感受大家的祝福和愛。穿上Rings為我挑選的婚紗步進教堂,是份外的享受,更幸福到滿瀉! 對婚紗毫無頭緒的我,幸運地遇到Rings,還有可愛的Esther和溫柔的Maggie。衷心感謝您們的細緻用心,甚至比我還緊張!真的很感動呢!Muuuuuuah~~~>3< " ~ Abby Photo by Read more →