Month: October 2015

RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Ika

“A big thank you Rings for your excellent service with genuine passion!! From guiding through gorgeous gown selection, all the fittings, choosing matching accessories, advices and tips, all done with patience yet accurate and very precise. Rest assured that there’s no hustle with the gown, I could give more attention to the other minor things, which resulting: a perfect wedding day with perfect details in perfect wedding gown!! ❤❤❤

For that, I give perfect score on your gown collections and service

Absolutely recommend for the brides who wants perfection without drama ” ~ Ika

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Testimonial from Dora

“Hello hello Rings!! Thanks so much for your help through out the wedding! Without your professional advises I wouldn’t able to choose the dress that fit me so much! Everyone said I look so beautiful that day! Furthermore, I am glad that I choose Rings bridal. You and your staffs are caring, not only to me but also to my family! Wish you all the best !!” ~ Dora

Photo by Kobi from K & S production