Month: December 2015

RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Macy Lee

“Dear Rings,

When I looked at all the wedding photos. The best memory left for us the beautiful moments with superb wedding gown.  The details is exactly something we have been looking for. The wedding gown recommendation from you is so precious, valuable and I got to choose the perfect gown for my day. Finding an ultimate wedding gown is not just about how expensive it is, it is all about how it fits you as a bride and the personality it projects. Putting on this wedding gown makes me feel I am still myself and can’t be more trueful. “Just love it” is all I can say and couldn’t thanks Rings enough for picking this for me! Love you!

Every one compliment my choice and I couldn’t find a better one than this. Thank you for making my day and “me” so special ” ~ Macy


Photo by CM Leung

wedding gown 2

wedding gown 3 wedding gown

RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Vivian

“A wedding gown is one of the most important elements for the bridal in the wedding.  A lot of research and shopping around needs to be done in order to find the perfect dress for the special day.  Rings Bridal, you have made the stressful time simple and straight forward.  Rings  and the team  have provided me with great support and excellent service!  If anyone is looking for their perfect wedding gown, search no further.  Rings Bridal will provide to you their profession services and advice, saving you a lot of time and effort.  Thank you Rings Bridal  for finding me the perfect dress for my special day.” ~ Vivian

MakeUp by Katherine Tsang

Photo by Heather Lai

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