Month: March 2016

RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Karen Lai

“對我而言,pre-wedding好像是婚姻的序,挑選出一件屬於自己感覺的wedding gown,與我的Mr. Right拍下一張張照片,為人生只有一次的pre-wedding留下難忘的回憶! 謝謝Rings & Rings Bridal讓我穿出屬於我的感覺!” ~ Karen

Bridal Gown from RINGS BRIDALS

Photo by Ivan Wong

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RINGS BRIDE Testimonial ~ Hermis

“I remember when I first came up to the shop,I’ve been fascinated by your wedding gown.Yup, no doubt, the details is exactly what i am looking for, nothing can be replace.
Rings, your recommendation is great, the gowns are just perfect.Thank you so much for your professional advice and paitient.” ~ Hermis

Bridal Gowns from RINGS BRIDALS

Photo by Charles Cheung

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