Testimonial from Kristy

“The music of Canon in D is up and the scene that most brides long for​​​… wearing ​like a princess with ​the most fascinating wedding gown in a march-in welcomed by crowds in their own wedding​. I am no exception to this. Choosing the perfect wedding gown is the most ​desirable thing I​​ reckon for my wedding.


Rings Bridal​s​ is the first and after all, the final bridal gown boutiques ​in my gown hunting tour from where I chose my “The One” I have been long looking for.


I believe bride-to-bes who visit Rings Bridal would share the ​same ​view that Rings Brida​​l​s​ is ​undoubtedly outstanding and prominent in the industry, not only because of their high quality wedding gowns, but also the conscientious manner in which Rings Bridals take great care of their gowns. That is of the ulmost importance as I rented my gown​s​ 18 months prior to my wedding day and I feel comfortable that ​they would be maintained in ​​​status quo before my eyes a year later.


I ​appreciate Rings’s attention to detail, her thought​ful advice on choosing wedding and evening gowns, plus her heads-up on subtle particulars in my wedding. I wish ​​Rings Bridal​s​ every success in the future!” ~ Kristy

Photo by Billy GalleryC

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